The garbage trucks are also known as: Compression garbage truck, dump garbage truck, arm garbage truck, self-loading garbage trucks, sealed garbage truck, arm-pulled garbage truck. These mainly include: Dongfeng, Chang'an series. The products are divided into: Dongfeng XBW dump garbage truck, Dongfeng Li Kala multi-arm garbage truck, Dongfeng light trucks compression garbage truck, Dongfeng 140  gasoline swing arm garbage truck, Dongfeng 145 swing arm garbage truck, Dongfeng 153 compression garbage truck, Chang’an mini-sealed garbage trucks and so on. Garbage truck is mainly used for municipal administration and factories to transport all kinds of rubbish, especially applicable to the transport the garbage of the communities. Because of the difference of the assembly configurations, special vehicle accessories, the garbage truck prices fluctuate. Please feel free to contact with us , we will provide you with comprehensive solutions.