Dump / Tripper Truck, also known as the dump truck refers to hydraulic or mechanical lifting a self-unloading of goods vehicles. It is widely used in engineering, mining, urban construction and transportation and other places. Market leading products are: Dongfeng dump truck, Dongfeng XBW dump truck, Dongfeng Donkey Kong himself unloading, DongFeng140, DongFeng 145, DongFeng tianJin, DongFeng153, Dongfeng Tianlong dump truck, dump truck and other types of self-liberation Unloading. Dump truck is mainly used for the construction of the building of municipal and large industrial and mining sector delivery of various building materials such as: ash, sand, stone, soil and other bulk materials, can also be transported in the mines or coal mines in the ore or coal. User requirements can be converted into non-vented type Lid.